I used one of your videos for the umbrella policy explanation when I had a walk-in visit with two individuals. The one prospect had asked me what an umbrella policy was as I was quoting their autos and home, and I got into a great discussion with him about the benefit of an umbrella policy. I then played the video about the umbrella policy story for them as I ran the quote for them to add on the PLUP. They ended up even increasing their auto policies to reach the minimum limit for an umbrella so that they could also get the umbrella after watching the video! They said that it really explained it for them and made them realize they want that extra protection. I wanted to say thank you for providing us with those videos! It was great to have my customers watch the Risk Review video while it gave me time to run the quotes for them, especially when I feel like sometimes if someone is sitting in front of you the pressure is on to work fast! I am glad I had that in my back pocket for that scenario and I can’t wait to use the others!

Paige R. Agency Team Member Phoenix, AZ

"I just wanted to say thanks again for meeting with us and sharing this awesome tool you and your team created. I just submitted a life app for a new driver today! The mom told me in office that she watched the video and was moved by it.

The team is really engaged around this, and I think it’s already showing some immediate traction. Thank you again."

Eric R. Lowell, IN

A customer called in and told me they needed to add their new, young driver to their insurance policies.  So I followed your process like you said and it actually went awesome! It was funny because the response I got was an immediate yes to get the young driver package for their new driver. This is a really awesome thing that you've created! I'm a fan!

Kennedy C. Ogden, UT

"Today was great! I already sold a PLUP immediately with the Risk Review video, and it was the first client I met with after our meeting. Didn’t even quote her the price, she just said yes. This is a game changer for us."

Sarah W. Ohio