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Medicare Supplement

  • Benefits of having a supplement plan versus going with an advantage plan
  • Using an agent vs. an 1-800 number
  • Real life examples

Final Expense

  • Using an insurance company vs a burial plan from a mortuary
  • Benefits of having a permanent policy
  • Taking control of your last expense you’ll ever have

Full Coverage Homeowners


Supplemental Health Insurance

  • Why everyone needs this protection
  • Supporting Statistics behind health care costs
  • Real life examples

Car Loan Package

  • Real life stories
  • Protecting the debt and the payment
  • Supporting statistics

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In the world of sales, the numbers don’t lie, and the research on storytelling’s impact on conversion rates is both compelling and unequivocal. According to the Corporate Executive Board, a story-based approach can increase the likelihood of a successful sale by a staggering 300%. The reason behind this phenomenon is rooted in the psychology of human behavior. When we hear a well-crafted story that resonates with us, it engages our emotions and empathy, and makes a lasting impression in our minds. This, in turn, helps build trust and rapport with clients, leading to stronger relationships and more successful sales in the long run. So, as an insurance agency owner, incorporating storytelling into your sales process is not just a smart strategy, it’s a proven one.